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Ethnosphere ReFill gives you even more choices for Ethnosphere 1.1, offering more raw material for creating rich combinations of sounds.
The six demos on this page were created using both products together. Enjoy the showcase!

> Demo 1.mp3 <
This piece features a string loop, two shaker loops, two tom loops, an ethnic harp and several single hit percussion instruments
> Demo 2.mp3 <
This piece features an acoustic guitar, a recorder and two oriental orchestras

> Demo 3.mp3 <
This piece features a glockenspiel, a vibraphone, two Bali bells, a wind chime and several other percussion instruments

> Demo 4.mp3 <
This piece features a marimba, an acoustic guitar, a Bavarian accordian, a pan flute, a mandolin, a tom loop, a shaker loop and several single hit percussion instruments
> Demo 5.mp3 <
This piece features two chimes, two tone cups and a balafon
> Demo 6.mp3 <
This piece features an oriental orchestra, an oriental drum kit, a tom played with sticks, a ride and a percussion loop


Ethnosphere ReFill