Ethnosphere Refill lets you create great sound with more flexibility than ever before, adding fresh soundbanks to the existing internal library of the Ethnosphere Ethnic Sound Module.

Select from 280 mega-loops sampled from all-new instruments including toms, frame drums, fiber drums, talkin‚ drum, udu drums and djembe; multi-layered single hits of toms and bongos; ultra-detailed xylophones, shakers, tambourines, wood blocks and cymbals, shining wind chimes, crisp rain makers, breath-taking guitars, mandolins, banjos and much, much more.

Each sample was created using a top of the line Neve VR Legend to guarantee uncompromised quality, making Ethnosphere ReFill the perfect addition to your collection of ethnic instruments..


Ethnosphere ReFill is compatible with the Mac and PC versions of Ethnosphere V.1.1 only

$49.00 - Eur 49.00
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Listen to the MP3 files to get a taste of what this product can do for you.

> Ethno ReFill Demo A.mp3 <
Piece featuring a 4 layer acoustic guitar, a Polish xylophone, a shaker loop and a tom loop
> Ethno ReFill Demo B.mp3 <
Piece featuring a cymbal, a shaker, wind chimes,
a digeridoo, a tom and an Udu drum loop

> Ethno ReFill Demo C.mp3 <
Piece featuring an oriental orchestra (from Ethnosphere 1.1), an oriental drum kit, a tom played with sticks, a ride and a percussion loop

> Ethno ReFill Demo D.mp3 <
Piece featuring a ride, a tom played with sticks and a talkin’ drum loop
> Ethno ReFill Demo E.mp3 <
Piece featuring a woodblock set, a djembe player with brushes and a balafon loop
> Ethno ReFill Demo F.mp3 <
Piece featuring a 3 layer banjo, an acoustic guitar and a shaker loop
> Ethno ReFill Demo G.mp3 <
Piece featuring a 3 layer solo mandolin

Additional Demos