Product Description
Released by BitHeadz, the Retro AS-1 Patch Library by Sound Burst is a hot collection of 384 patches created specifically for your BitHeadz Retro AS-1 series software synthesizer.
All the potential of your virtual analog synthesizer is finally realized with these sounds, which were created by
Sound Burst's renowned specialist in analog synthesis.
Warm pads, pumping basses, striking leads... everything you could possibly ask for in a flexible synthesizer is included in this library.

Format and Compatibility
The library comes on a Mac/PC double format CD-ROM and is compatible with the BitHeadz Retro AS-1 series software synthesizer only. The Retro AS-1 Patch Library is already included in the 2.0 release of BitHeadz Retro AS-1.
$29.00 - Eur 29.00
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