Product Description
Knopolis is the perfect add-on for any N.I. Pro-53 user. It includes four sound banks with 64 patches each for a total of 256 fresh sounds. Each bank has its own sonic character so it's sure to satisfy every creative need. Knopolis is the result of months of hard work of vintage synth expert and sound designer Luca Pilla and Alessandro Cardinale. No matter what kind of music you produce, if you are looking for the warmest pads, the most pumping basses, the sharpest leads or the most wired effects look no further for unbeatable quality. This patch collection is the ultimate choice to expand the potential of everyone’s beloved N.I. Pro-53.

Format and Compatibility
Knopolis is available for both Mac and PC and it's exclusively compatible with N.I. Pro-53. Just listen to the MP3 files.
They'll give you a taste of what this product can do for you.
Please note that most of MP3 files are presented in two versions: with or without drum track.
Drum sounds come from Sound Burst's
Sample Farm Pro

> Knopolis Demo 1a.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 1b.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 2a.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 2b.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 3a.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 3b.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 4.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 5.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 6a.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 6b.mp3 <

> Knopolis Demo 7a.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 7b.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 8a.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 8b.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 9a.mp3 <
> Knopolis Demo 9b.mp3 <

$ 39.00 - Eur 39.00
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