All the power of granular synthesis in this simple-to-use unit. Granulator makes it a snap to create wild and wacky cartoon voices, bizarre sounds and loads of other weird effects.

This workbench for the virtual speaker designer lets you build your own telephone and pocket radio speaker effects and then load your tracks directly in for sheer
listening pleasure.

Product Description
If you are a VST compatible sample editor or audio sequencer user you'll love this volume of VST plug-ins.
These plug-ins let you play with your sounds by processing them in endless ways until you get the exact sound you had in mind. You can use just one plug-in, or combine several to get multiple effects.
These VST plug-ins are not only reliable and efficient tools which guarantee great results, they're just plain fun to fiddle around with.

All the plug-ins in this volume can also be purchased separately and delivered electronically.

The only digital phaser with up to 16 stages, letting you create incredibly authentic analog-sounding effects. The ultimate plug-in for vintage sound lovers.

Mega Filter
You get the whole nine yards - plus one - with these ten stunning filters which give you total control on each parameter.

Format and Compatibility
FX4U 2.0 Vol. 2 is for PC only. Like all our plug-ins, it has been successfully tested with Steinberg Cubase VST, Cubasis VST, Nuendo and WaveLab 3.0, E-magic Logic (all versions), Sound Burst VST Processor, Sonic Syndicate Orion, STL VAZ, Image-Line Fruity Loops and FASoft N-TRack Studio.
Designed for complete compatibility with any VST compliant application, we suggest you download and check our demo versions with your software to be sure, since new and different applications are being created every day.

Listen to these MP3 files if you want an idea about what our plug-ins can do. Each sequence is in a dry version and then effected in different ways.
> Phoner.mp3 < ...........> Mega Filter.mp3 < .....
> Granulator.mp3 <
.....> Metaphaser.mp3 <

Please download the zipped file containing the demo version of FX4U Vol. 1
> <
$ 69.00 - Eur 69.00 for the complete volume
$ 19.00 - Eur 19.00 for one single plug-in
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